Shade Net

What is Shade cloth?
Shade Cloth is a HDPE Knitted fabric used for shading applications. Shade Cloths are used for protection against sun, winds, hail and dust. Shade Cloths are used in applications ranging from agriculture, domestic household usage, commercial applications and specialized applications. Shade Cloths are quantified by shade factor which ranges from 35% to 95% and GSM which ranges from 40gsm to 300gsm.

What are the benefits & uses of shade Cloth?
Shade Cloth is used in shading applications like greenhouse, outdoor area, construction sites, garden and household application.

Shade cloth comes with different shade factor to protect from sun rays. It is made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is a knitted, breathable & dimensional stable fabric..

Protection from UV rays is the primary benefit of the fabric and one that is highly recommended with our depleting ozone. The highest shading factor is approximately 95 percent wherein almost no harmful UV rays can penetrate the fabric, keeping the skin protected from sun damage, such as sunburn and skin cancer.

UV protection isn’t the only benefit- shade cloths also provide ventilation, as they are made from fabrics that allow cool air to circulate.

Another big application of shade cloth is protecting plants from the damaging effects of the sun. Although the sun is necessary for the growth of healthy plants, many plants do not require continuous.

sun rays. A Shade Cloth is used to create a full or partial shade environment and can expand the types of plants that can be grown in an area. Furthermore, they can decrease the need to water plants, as they reduce evaporation.

The use of a shade cloth outside can prevent exterior rooms from receiving too much sun exposure. This addition of shade can dramatically reduce the temperature of a specific room, saving on cooling costs.

Furthermore, the blinds or curtain can remain open to let in natural light, without the full, blinding effects of direct sunlight.

Another use of shade cloths is to create a comfortable outdoor setting. In warmer conditions, many people enjoy using their yards for cooking, social gatherings, an outdoor pool and simply lounging outside and enjoying favorable conditions. Enduring the full blast of the sun can be miserable, and even dangerous. Moderating the natural environment by creating shaded areas can mean being more comfortable, preventing sunburn and being able to enjoy the outdoors longer. This can eliminate the need for waiting until sunset or trying to schedule activities around weather forecasts, to stay outside for lengthy timeframes.

In addition to reducing direct sun exposure, they provide the additional benefit of privacy screening. This is especially beneficial for individuals who own a pool. They can feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit, without worrying about prying eyes from the street or neighboring yards. The additional privacy can provide an overall sense of security, since it can prevent everyone from knowing exactly what activities occur at a party or gathering.

They provide numerous benefits, most notably comfort while outside and in various rooms of a house or greenhouse. Avid gardeners will find the use of shade cloths can increase the number and variety of healthy plants they can maintain.

What does the shade percentage mean in relation to the shade material?
Shade density is determined by the percentage of light blocked by the shade. For example, the definition of 80% shade is that only 20% of light passes through it.
    Advantages of Shade Cloth:
   > Do not get Decay
   > It is easy to wash
   > Nets are easy to carry and easy to install
   > Lightweight and can be relocated
   > A shade percentage of 30-50% is ideal for vegetables and flowers.
   > Ideal for gardens, plant nurseries, Home terrace gardening.
   > Minimizes plant hassle and wind pressures to avoid damage to plants, enhances photosynthesis to stimulate plant growth.