About Us

RAD Global Pvt Ltd is a trusted manufacturer and marketer of branded shading and home improvement products. Based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan the company produces warp knit shading fabric and its value added applications. The company currently offers products in three verticals including home improvement, agriculture and infrastructure.

RAD Global market products in domestic and international market under the name of HIPPO & SOOLFAB and also offer private label services to clients across the globe.

The company focuses on Quality and Value Addition & runs a medium sized operation which caters to the needs of clients looking for high quality and value added products. Supported with excellent infrastructure & machinery, RAD Global maintains a controlled environment to ensure that every product is in accordance with specifications and as per the need of clients.

The company is focused towards products in the DIY (Do It Yourself) category & protective farming category. These include household shading solutions like shading sails, outdoor curtains and ready to install fence structures.

The company maintains price competitiveness and quality by minimizing wastage & carrying majority if not all production processes in house. The promoters of the company both engineers from highly reputed institutes in India and USA provide guidance and ensure that the vision and mission of RAD Global is in line with its business philosophy.

Our Infrastructure

Investing in Infrastructure is a key focus area for RAD Global. The company has a vertically Integrated unit having state of the art machines and equipment.

Housed in 30,000 sq ft. modern building, a temperature controlled environment is maintained for maximum performance and efficiency. The entire production facility is constructed using double layer brick insulated walls to keep working areas cool and maintain optimum working conditions. 

Our Quality

A quality product is not made simply by inspection and selection. Quality Assurance starts with Raw Material sourcing, progresses through each stage of production for testing of Mechanical properties, UV stability, Outdoor exposure, wind resistance, shade factor and any other parameter required by customer. The company has outdoor research field for testing parameters in the harshest of conditions ranging from 50 degrees Celsius heat and winds of 100 Km/hour.

The company believes that quality cannot be established simply by defining policies and procedures, it needs to be transitioned from the senior management all the way down to the floor workers. Proper training and strict discipline has allowed RAD Global to foster a culture of Total Quality Management in the company.

Equipped with quality checking machines and by collaboration with Quality control labs we ensure that every product rolling out of our facility is quality tested so that we can stand behind its performance and provide a warranty certificate to our clients.

Service Pledge at RAD Global

  • We commit and deliver. 
  • We understand what we can deliver and do not over commit.
  • We maintain clear & transparent communication with clients.
  • We listen to our clients and make sure they understand us as well.
  • We understand our limitations and are honest about it.